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The world's most powerful PV modules.

Not all PV modules are made alike. We have chosen the modules made by SunPower, the company that has been designing PV panels for over 35 years.

The most powerful PV cell in the world

Maxeon® cells by SunPower® are the heart of SunPower modules. Mounted on a copper base, they differ from conventional panels for their high resistance and the extraordinary performance provided by the material.

More energy for the same installed power

The high efficiency of SunPower modules lets you maximise PV production for the space available. In addition, with power being equal, over a period of 25 years the system will produce approximately 60% more electrical energy compared to conventional modules. This means great savings for your family.

Premium performance and style for your home

Outstanding technical features and incredible ability to integrate with an infinite range of roof coverings and architectural styles. The unique, clean and elegant design of SunPower PV modules will enhance the beauty of your home.

Best product, best guarantee

All SunPower panels are covered by the 25-year guarantee by industry leader Fiducia Totale. Our absolute trust in the reliability of SunPower technology is demonstrated by the extensive independent testing and performance in the field of the more than 30 million installed panels.

Thanks to these characteristics, you will enjoy the best guarantee available on the market and total peace of mind.

Reliability starts with the best technology.

Three reasons for choosing SunPower® PV panels:

Durability you can rely on

SunPower® PV panels are designed to work perfectly in any weather.

Proven dependability

SunPower stands behind the uncompromising performance and sure results of its PV panels.


SunPower delivers more energy during the system’s service life, resulting in more predictable savings.

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