About us

Cutting edge technologies, specialised expertise.

We are a team of people who work each day to improve the quality of the environment with solutions that guarantee lower consumption of energy and resources.

Let’s make the Revolution!

From the very start in 2009, we have combined the know-how of IT professionals with the experience of thermal and electrical engineers.

Our energy revolution began together with Solon, Europe's leading photovoltaic module manufacturer at the time. Our motto was: “Don’t leave the planet to the stupid”.

In 2010, we joined forces with SunPower. Unlimited lifespan, staggering quality, the ability to produce infinite clean energy and brazenly beautiful: need we add more to explain why they are the world's best energy solutions?

Today we are among the eight SunPower Elite Partners in Europe. Our revolution continues to benefit the planet thanks to solutions that help lower toxic emissions and counter global warming.

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